Online website & app builder!
Up and running in minutes! Choose a template or create your own. Native & PWA app installs directly, no need to submit to the app stores!
Easy-to-use, device optimised website & mobile app online builder.

30 day free trial - No card or payment required - Try it!

Android app, iOS app, PWA app & mobile friendly HTML5 site all included!

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Online website & app builder!

Up and running in minutes! Choose a template or create your own. Native & PWA app installs directly, no need to submit to the app stores!
Easy-to-use, device optimised website & mobile app online builder.

30 day free trial - No card or payment required - Try it!

Android app, iOS app, PWA app & mobile friendly HTML5 site all included!

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Food and drink ordering app for your pub, bar, resturant, takeaway....

Table Service Ordering Solution

Customers place & pay for orders via mobile device

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Apple & Android app

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Simple to use

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Add your own categories

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Add product choices

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settings How Zappii works

1) Choose one of our ready made app TEMPLATES or just go custom
2) Customise, choose from a list of components, add your logo, about details, pictures, opening hours etc
3) Publish & share!

Your Zappii creation is now ready for visitors. Use the sharing tool to circulate your HTML5 mobile ready site and Android & Apple iOS app. Users of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari web browsers can install the new PWA app version.

Up and running in minutes

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You get all 3 platforms!

1) Mobile optimised HTML5 website with domain address

Responsive, mobile & Google friendly, adapts to visitors device screen size.

Simple to construct. Create pages, add components, publish... your ready!

Just distribute your choosen web address -

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2) PWA technology app

New app technology. Cross platform & heavily promoted by Google.

Your PWA app is now ready to be installed on mobile & desktop by users of web browsers:

Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

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3) NATIVE version app

Traditional app technology. Android & Apple iOS.

Your native app is now ready to be distributed & installed on Android (.apk file) & Apple iOS devices (.ipa file).

App sharing page on Zappii to help you distribute is included.

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Low cost, super easy way to reach the mobile platform.

Great value but why not try it first, 30 day free trial!
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Includes the new PWA technology!

Progressive web app (PWA) is a new technology that has been developed to deliver a fast & responsive app-like experience with the same flexibility and gestures as a native application but without the traditional problems with native apps such as difficult & long development times. Because PWA's are built upon common & reliable web technologies they are not particular to any one platform and will run on any device that supports PWA. This eliminates the need to develop separate apps for Android and Apple iOS devices. With Zappii, you get HTML5 website, PWA & native app platforms so YOU decide what you share & distribute.

Simple to use online app builder

No need to know any coding! Just choose the components that you require, eg: heading text, contact forms, pictures, maps etc and add it to your page. You control the font size, font design, colours etc. The Zappii online app builder is just so easy to use!


Supports Android, Apple iOS, PWA & HTML5 Web
Android logo Apple logo PWA logo Web logo
Android logo Apple logo PWA logo Web logo
Mobile friendly - Responsive, device ready HTML5 website with your chosen web address included.
Cross platform - PWA version is a new technology designed to work on any playform. Build once, work anywhere!
No app store - easily distribute your app outside of the app stores.
App store assistance - if you wish to submit your app to the app stores, we can assist.
Easy to use - unlike most other online builders, Zappii's build interface is purposely uncomplicated and unclutterd.
Responsive - fits any form factor: desktop, mobile, tablet.
Discoverable - identifiable as an "application" to search engines improving SEO.
Components - build your app with lots of components that are simply added to pages, such as contact forms, paragraphs, eye catching headers, images, protected page/member login/registration, permission groups, contact forms, countdowns, maps, iframes, buttons, e-commerce functions, Youtube videos, Facebook videos, gradient backgrounds, image backgrounds, popups, dividers, spacers, Addthis share buttons and more. The list is continually growing.
Unlimited pages - add as many pages and as much content as you wish.
Re-engageable - make re-engagement easy through push notifications. Use push for special messages or product promotion.
Styles - choose from multiple menu styles. Change colours, fonts, alignment, images. You design.
Images - choose images from our library for use with your app or upload your own.
Stats - see visitor/user statistics for your app.
Control - turn access to your app on or off at the flick of a switch.
Your app in many languages - Realtime language translation.
Share - tools to help you share and circulate your app.
Support - we are here for you. Just open a ticket and we will be happy to resolve any app issues.

Feature packed and great value!

Our mission is to make you app happy,
...choose Zappii!

Online creator screenshot with app build preview.

Zappii is so flexible, build the app that you want. Feature rich and easy to use, use Zappii to build a mobile audience and deliver your message!

Build that app!

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All platform (iOS, Android, Windows) App plans
starting at just £10 a month.

Totally customisable. Add pages, add components, PayPal buttons, YouTube videos, images and much more. Change menu style, customise backgrounds and access features such as visitor & install stats.
Templates get you started quickly and then you are ready to share your app creation wide & far!

Customer feedback

Tributes On The Hill App

"We were absolutely bowled over with the versatility and value of zappii. We outsourced the app details to several developers for quotes and were given quotes for the work for between £1288 +VAT and £3640+VAT for the origination and development, then a monthly charge of between £55 - 180 + VAT for hosting and maintenance.... and there was a lead time of up to 12 weeks! I found zappii and contacted them to see if what they described in their claims was achievable. The ease of navigation, the ever growing component list and response time to any issues was outstanding. I now have complete control of content and updates and I have a very credible mirror website that requires NO construction as it gets published alongside the app updates. All this for £24 per month is beyond outstanding value and gives me complete autonomy. Sorry app developers, this could be a game changer."

Gary Marto MD, Gary Marto Events, Frodsham, Cheshire.

The Tree Stump Remover

"A quick and easy way onto the mobile platform for us. 100% of our work comes via the app or the Zappii website that comes with the service. Super simple for editing and making changes at any time."

Mark, The Tree Stump Remover, Warrington, UK.

30 day free trial

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Mobile app's the PWA way

PWA is new technology designed for a smoother experience for app's that work offline, are fast in use & development, have a very small install size & work across multiple platforms. Zappii app's adapt perfectly to mobile, tablet or desktop, are search engine friendly and simple to share via web links with no need to visit an app store.


Speedy & low cost

Unlike traditional native app building, PWA technology allows rapid development, publishing & updating without astronomical costs. Use our online builder to drop in features & functions and be up and running in minutes. Our app's are designed to perform fast, your users won't be able to tell the difference from native or PWA.


Full of features

PWA's work offline, install directly via a link as an app, support push notifications, lighter, use less data, fast by design, secure, discoverable by search engines and offer less friction for users as no app store & login is needed. Already in use by Twitter, Uber, Gumtree, join the PWA revolution and offer users a slick & easy app experience.

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Mobile apps that perform

Our PWA apps are optimised to achieve consistent high scores in the Google Lighthouse performance audit tool and meet the stringent requirements of todays modern web.

About PWA technology

Google are driving the new PWA technology, and here is why.

Share Zappii, thank you!

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