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Introducing a much easier way to get onto the mobile platform!
Use our online tool to create a responsive mobile app (PWA)
that installs directly to mobile devices. Search engine friendly with features such as push notification.
PWA's are fast, work offline & install directly from a web link, no app store required!

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Create your app!

Introducing a much easier way to get onto the mobile platform!

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Online mobile app creator

Create that app!
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Easy-to-use online app creator, no coding required! Add a page, add components & publish, it's that easy. Progressive web app (PWA) technology delivers a fast & responsive app-like experience with the same flexibility and gestures as a native application. Powered by PWA, they are not particular to any one device, so no need to build separate apps for Android and Apple devices.

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Get up and running in minutes with our easy to use online mobile app creator!

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Free plan (includes ad network) or paid plans starting at just £10 a month.

Totally customisable. Add pages, add components, PayPal buttons, YouTube videos, images and much more. Change menu style, customise backgrounds and access features such as visitor & install stats.

Easy to maintain & update and install on mobile devices!
Natural, app like experience. Explore an app below!

Vanguard First Aid Training

"We wanted to make the step onto the mobile platform to reach new customers. We consulted an agency to do the work and the cost was £7000+ with a development time of several months. Wow, Zappii allowed us to reach a mobile audience for just £20 a month. It took us just 4 hours to create & publish our app! It even allows us to send out push notifications about new courses!"

John Davies, Vanguard First Aid Training, Liverpool.

Blitz rations

"We spent £100's on a well known web based shopping cart platform. With Zappii we reach a true mobile platform via a mobile PWA app and also save money. We explored a native app for our business but being in the Apple store meant we would have to lose out on 33% of total sales.
Zappii has saved us £££s"

Paul D, Ration Blitz, Scotland.

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Mobile app's the PWA way

PWA is new technology designed for a smoother experience for app's that work offline, are fast in use & development, have a very small install size & work across multiple platforms. Zappii app's adapt perfectly to mobile, tablet or desktop, are search engine friendly and simple to share via web links with no need to visit an app store.


Speedy & low cost

Unlike traditional native app building, PWA technology allows rapid development, publishing & updating without astronomical costs. Use our online builder to drop in features & functions and be up and running in minutes. Our app's are designed to perform fast, your users won't be able to tell the difference from native or PWA.


Full of features

PWA's work offline, install directly via a link as an app, support push notifications, lighter, use less data, fast by design, secure, discoverable by search engines and offer less friction for users as no app store & login is needed. Already in use by Twitter, Uber, Gumtree, join the PWA revolution and offer users a slick & easy app experience.

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Mobile apps that perform

Our PWA apps are optimised to achieve consistent high scores in the Google Lighthouse performance audit tool and meet the stringent requirements of todays modern web.

About PWA technology

Google are driving the new PWA technology, and here is why.

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